How to write a nonfiction book blurb

Structural editing takes a look at your book and makes changes that will make it make more sense or have a stronger impact on your reader.

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Twitter feeds to follow? Two days later I realised that what I had written was a manifesto for a possible professional association of author-marketers, not a book blurb, and of course I would have to start again. How do they spend their time?

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Bear in mind that such blurbs are often read in crowded places particularly beloved of pickpockets, with shoppers jostling round you whilst your other purchases dangle from your other hand, and that books are often heavy and thus difficult to hold for a long time. This goes on the back of the book. Your success will be aspirational and persuade them to pick up your book—and, hopefully, recommend it to others. Give it a couple days, but then go through it, page by page, making your first round of edits. How to write a book blurb Stand back and hover above; try to create mood, feeling and value for what you have written, rather than describing it in endless detail. You also want your title to be on-topic and unique, so that your book is the one your audience finds. Get your Second Readers This is to solicit reviews that will appear in your promotional materials, and maybe on your cover or in your front matter.

Too many people are publishing books that are nothing more than veiled attempts to sell another product or service and readers are becoming more and more resistant to these types of books. Or some horror stories of what not to add? Here is the opening of the first paragraph of one of my favourite fiction book blurbs, for Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.

Fiction blurb examples

Write in your own voice. I felt passionately that the advice I was about to give would be well received, and very strongly that the group I was writing for were underrepresented and badly served by existing information sources. Then, build it out, and explain your topic in one paragraph. You need a good way to move your parts around and rearrange. Next, research the niche of people who will read it. Most non-fiction books should consider having one to make you a real person to the reader. A call to action at the bottom of your blurb will help you sell more books. A good place to start with this is Amazon, where you can find your genre in its bestseller lists, then drill down to find the best sellers in the smallest niche where you might fit. This keeps your work relevant, and making it part of a larger conversation helps make it part of a larger market. Modern desktop publishing software makes it easier to index than ever. This drastically shapes both the book and the writing process. Create a life you totally love. A fiction blurb should both convey atmosphere and indicate what kind of book it is mass-market or literary fiction. But the readers who will feel like you really get them will be moms like you, looking for ways to maximize their time.

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How to Create a Back Book Cover Blurb that Sells