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In both cases it is production and not consumption that is the dominant aim of life; in Russia, the production of a better control over nature and higher social standards, in America, the production of profit. Scientific socialism is different from utopian socialism because it takes into consideration the historical developments of men while utopian socialism does not.

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When we retire to the solitude of our cell to search there in deep contemplation, or, as it were, in the inner-most of our brains, for the right way we want to follow the next morning, we must remember that our mental effort can be successful only because of our previous, if involuntary, experiences and adventures which we, by help of our memory, have taken along into our cell.

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Then comes the period of social revolution. Hook: Towards the Understanding of Karl Marx. This question is put by the Scientific Socialists in another way; did nature exist prior to man? Indeed, where we have to deal with concrete phenomena, or, as it were, with palpable things, the method of materialism has long since reigned supremely. Its Right Wing openly flirted with religion. The idea of relativity early was expressed by the Scientific Socialists and became a part of the basic understanding of the dialectical process of nature. In the home, as in politics, the government over persons is transformed into the administration of things. Thus, while on the one hand pragmatism was constantly affirming that it was not related directly to idealism though its founder, James, was a religionist, as we have seen , essentially it made matter dependent upon mental activity and so led back eventually to idealism. Society has become regenerated.

The Scientific Socialist adopted the dialectic manner of approaching things in nature, not because of his willfulness, but solely because this method of approach accurately reflects the actual contradictory processes of nature where everything is eternally posed, opposed, and composed.

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Of course, the defenders of Christianity strongly object to those views. There was a protest against the uncontrolled course in production and the dismal condition of the working class. Marx scrupulously refrained from using these concepts and limited his work solely to an exposition of the inexorable contradictions that a capitalist mode of production created in economic, and, therefore, in political and social life generally, as well. It is a social system which comes into being when the state power is seized by the workers and peasants and all lands and industries are nationalized without any compensation. The second type of socialism is petty-bourgeois socialism. Fourthly, socialism by lightening its noose round the neck of the individuals will create a neo-slavery in the modern age. The pragmatist operates merely from day to day, without any perspective whatsoever, since his truth can be convenience or even whim. Some of these intellectuals tried to harmonize Marxism with pragmatism and to affirm fervently that, after all, a Marxist was a pragmatists. Hobbes is a good example of aristocratic English materialism. And there is an enormous difference between mere motion and movement. In order to indicate clearly the scientific basis of socialism, I venture to enter more fully into the general result of philosophy, into the solution of the antithesis between the deductive and inductive method.

The toiling masses are plunged into unbound impoverishment. No class gives up power without a struggle. The remnants of reactionary or bourgeois classes will remain in a socialist society. I cannot deny that many of their followers are not conscious of their real motives, and that they sincerely believe their political work to be purely idealistic.

It strikes a middle course between socialism and individualism. Americanism could pose as the sure way to defeat European methods of class warfare embraced by Marxism.

This is so because socialism has several facets and it can be viewed from different angles of vision.

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