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Nora begins to acting like Torvald's "little squirrel" in attempt to get money from him. Patrick Gsrlsnd. This uproar forced Ibsen to write a second ending where Nora instead decides that the children need her more than she needs her freedom He shouldn't need a fantasy to get in the mood; his wife should be all he needs. Likewise, her decision to walk out on her husband and three small children is seen as a very controversial and scandalous act during this time period. Yes, Torvald was not the best husband in the world, but Nora should have considered that before she married him. The heterosexual dynamic also constructs and reinforces individual identity. Kristine and Krogstad have the only true idea of marriage in this play. There is more depth to his character if one follows the hints that he had actively covered up for Nora's father. According to Ibsen, the tragic hero goes through an agonizing process in which a false identity is lost and a new one is gained. She is defined by her husband who treats her like a spoiled child.

Don't laugh! Women of that time were expected to be good mothers and wives.

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That's where the loan comes in to play. A childhood friend of Nora, Linde appears to be everything that Nora is not. The title is significant to society and entrapment within the house. Concurrently, in the seclusion of the kitchen, Tita is liberated from Mama Elena's control, has freedom of self-expression through cooking, and can openly express her feelings.

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All this evening I've longed for nothing but you. Nora goes through a complete transformation, changing from a child like and dependant woman to a self strong woman pushing to become independent.

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At the conclusion of Act III however, she has become sufficiently independent to arrive at her decision to leave the children, her husband and what life she had behind, as she slams the door on the family home. When reading this passage one imagines what some guys fantasize about: Princess Laya in a bikini.

Nevertheless, however, the dramatic effect of calling for light underscore the fact that Nora has a sudden insight into the darkness and ugliness of dollydom. He visits the Helmers just so he can see Nora, even if it is just for a second.

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Through the following years, Christine becomes a widow who is left with nothing. The only way to do that is to marry someone who already has money and has established a name for himself. They were living a life the way they were expect to for social appearances, not because of their love for each other. Linde, Nils Krogstad, Dr. She seeks the terror out, asking question after question even if they uproot her very existence. By the finale of the play, the audience realizes that Krogstad is not the villain of the tale. Her myth of transformation is universal, for she inspires her audience to take chances in their lives, to challenge ancient precepts, to stand up for what they believe in, and to ultimately find happiness.
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